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School of Environmental Science and Engineering

The School of Environmental Science and Engineering, aimed at the ecological and environmental quality improvement and function recovery towards substantial technological requirements in field of ecological and environmental protection during national economic construction and society development process, is committed to cultivate high-quality professionals and outstanding innovative talents with spirit of innovation, international perspectives as well as comprehensive capability to solve complicated ecological and environmental problems.

The School currently has 35 devoted and qualified faculties with a high academic level. All faculties are with PhD degrees from either Chinese Academy of Sciences or renowned universities. Among them, one Professor received the special government allowance of State Council, one was awarded “1000 talents plan for young scholars”, two were awarded the “Excellent Young Scholars of Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)”, six were awarded “New century excellent talents in university” by Chinese Ministry of Education, two were awarded excellent young scholars in the special technology of national environmental protection by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of P. R. China, one was awarded the “7th Batch Beijing outstanding young talents”, and six won the “new star program of science and technology” supported by Beijing Metropolis.

The School has three undergraduate majors in Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, and Water Science and Engineering, one Master program in Science (Environmental Science and Engineering) and one Master program in Engineering (The Field of Environmental Engineering), and one Ph.D program in Ecological Environment Engineering. The School has one Key Laboratory of Beijing for “Polluted Water Source Control Techniques and Engineering” and one Research Center of Beijing Municipal Education Commission for “Polluted Water Source Control and Ecological Restoration Techniques”. The School has world-class scientific research infrastructures with the support by the innovation platform development for superior disciplines of both “211 Project” and “985 Project”, with a laboratory area of 3000 m2 and a gross fixed assets of around 60 million RMB, providing important supports for the fundamental researches and high-level student education.

To meet the significant requirements for national ecology and environmental pollution control, the School pays much attention on the interdisciplinary between environmental protections with soil and water conservation, ecology, forestry, and landscape and architecture. From 2016 to 2019, the School has undertook 89 projects at national and provincial/ministerial levels, with a total budget of about 51 million. Furthermore, the School has achieved 4 provincial/ministerial level awards, 25 authorized patents, and 257 SCI-indexed journal papers, and 2 academic books.

Moreover, the School has developed extensive academic collaboration and exchanges, and built strong partnerships with more than 20 leading institutions domestic or abroad. Two technological achievements have been transferred to Australian and Thailand companies. The School also has some international joint projects with Universities in Israel and France. Every year, more than 40 faculties and students go abroad for conferences.

During 2016-2019, the School has hosted many talented graduates, including 26 Ph.D students and 222 master students (51 continued their study as PhD candidates), with 243 SCI-indexed journal papers published. Over 80% of graduates have participated in different levels of research projects. So far, 10 students (8 Ph.D students and 2 Master students) have been awarded the “Chancellor’s Scholarship”of Beijing Forestry University for their excellent research performance. The graduate’s employment rate of the school remains constant at over 96%, which witnessed outstanding talents come out for environmental protection and further state construction.

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